How to Help Cold Sensitive Teeth

Lady in pain with sensitive teeth

How to Help Cold Sensitive Teeth

Sensitive teeth are a common problem that can affect anyone. Cold sensitivity can be painful and keep you from enjoying your favorite drinks and treats. There are several causes of tooth sensitivity but the good news is there are plenty of solutions to help with cold sensitive teeth. 

Causes of Cold Sensitivity

Cold sensitivity can be caused by a number of things from improper care to a side effect of some other ailment or procedure. There is a soft layer of tooth next to the outer, protective layer of enamel that is called “dentin.” Its job is to cover the tooth pulp and protect the tooth’s nerves and blood vessels. If tooth enamel is weakened, eroded, or chipped, it can expose these areas and lead to sensitivity. Enamel can be weakened in several ways from tooth decay to overly aggressive brushing. Teeth grinding, cracked and chipped teeth, and exposed roots can all lead to sensitivity. 

How to Help Cold Sensitivity

There is an array of restorative services available to help relieve or reduce cold sensitivity. Fluoridated and enamel building toothpaste can be helpful for less severe cases. Severe cases with persistent sensitivity may require more work. In office fluoride treatments can help rebuild enamel more effectively while tooth fillings and dental bonding can help with issues like cracked teeth. No matter what the cause, your local dental experts, like Fulton Family Dentistry, can help. 

Don’t let tooth sensitivity keep you from enjoying ice cream, smoothies, and other great treats. Let the team at Fulton Family DDS help you come up with a plan to treat your sensitive teeth.